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Bosnian/Croat/Serbian Master's programme

Course outline, qualifications and competences

In the master’s programme Bosnian/Croat/Serbian (B/C/S), students are able to further their academic development in the areas of linguistics, literature and cultural science. In today’s professional world, specialization is a particularly important factor and this will be introduced over the course of the master’s programme. Students specialise in two or three of the three scientific areas. Beyond that, they will further develop their language skills, achieving a higher linguistic level. Students are able to continuously and independently enhance their skills in the area of the target language as well as other Slavonic languages and other scientific areas. Moreover, they possess multimedia, social and intercultural skills. Since the labour market is continually opening up to the east, the students’ knowledge of Slavonic social and cultural processes is of particular relevance.  Furthermore, they will also learn to adapt their knowledge and skills to the relevant requirements.

Expected results

Graduates of the master’s programme Bosnian/Croat/Serbian will command the target language at C1 level according to CEFR as well as a further Slavonic language at an elementary level of language usage. They will be able to critically and objectively present independently developed scientific findings. Moreover, they will be able to work in a competent and open manner in intercultural contexts. Their knowledge of Slavonic national traditions and culture, including Slavonic ethnic groups in Austria, will qualify them to work in professions relating to culture, communication and media.


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Harrachgasse 28, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1066


Mon - Fri: 09.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.
Tue and Thu: 01.00 p.m. - 03.00 p.m.

University degree
Master of Arts „MA“
4 semesters / 120 ECTS-CP
(CP = credit points)
Teaching language
Index number
UB 066 851
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
type of study programme
Qualification level
Master (2nd study cycle)
Appropriate bachelor’s degree or equivalent


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