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Ancient History and Classical Antiquities Bachelor's programme

Course outline, qualifications and competences

The subject of Ancient History and Classical Antiquities deals with Antiquity beginning with ancient civilisations up to the 6th century A.D. The main focus lies on Greek and Roman antiquity, additionally including the ancient civilisations of the Orient, Egypt and ancient peripheral civilisations. The aim of the bachelor’s programme is to provide students with basic knowledge of history (political events, economic and social developments) as well as material and intellectual heritage (ancient sources and monuments) of ancient civilisations.  This course conveys specific knowledge and scientific skills. Moreover, students will acquire key qualifications and soft skills. These include: knowledge of specific methods and theories, the ability to deal with written and material sources and the ability to procure information with the aid of old (books, journals, etc.) and new media (CD-ROM, Internet, etc.). Finally, students will be able to develop their communication and teamwork skills as well as learning tolerance towards others.

Expected results

Graduates of the bachelor’s programme Ancient History and Classical Antiquities possess basic knowledge of Antiquity and are able to deal with scientific problems using specific sources and methods and convey them adequately both in writing and orally. In addition to subject-related competences, students acquire social skills (tolerance, openness, ability to cooperate and intercultural competence), troubleshooting abilities and multi-media-related skills.


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University degree
Bachelor of Arts „BA”
6 semesters / 180 ECTS-CP
(CP = credit points)
Teaching language
Index number
UB 033 607
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
type of study programme
Qualification level
Bachelor (1st study cycle)
General university entrance qualification, Latin (additional examination before admission)
Supplementary examination (after admission)


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